Semco Group Ltd

Semco Group Limited were proud to announce that they were the major sponsors for Northland Rugby for the Mitre 10 Cup 2019 Season. To celebrate this, they wanted to have their brand new Kenworth 23 metre truck & trailer to look the part with the full Northland Mitre 10 Cup Squad covering every inch of it. This is where we came in. Harry Semenoff, who owns Semco Group and his GM Blair Duffy approached us to transform this unit into something pretty special.

We had the pleasure of manufacturing a set of truck and trailer digitally printed curtains with the Northland Rugby Squad photos on. We had to make sure the file resolution was super high and the Northland Rugby marketing team certainly didn’t disappoint us with the files they provided, as the resolution was so good that you could see each dot of ink on the tattoos on the players arms. As always it was a pleasure working with Vivid Imaging who produced the print for the curtains and Sign logistics who provided digitally printed vinyl stickers for the hard body rear wall of the unit.

When Beni and the team were fitting the curtains in Auckland for Semco NZ they realised the original curtains and pelmet rubber were white and once they had the new curtains up Beni could see Blairs beady eyes looking at the unit and he instantly knew he was looking at the pelmets as so was he. So, the call was made late in the day to replace the pelmet rubber to black ones to match the new curtains to make sure this unit was looking at its best.

Truck No 212 hit the road on 14th August heading to its new home in Whangarei where the driver Hayden Baker was proudly showing her off. The new unit was also pride of place at the first home game in Whangarei the following day, which was the first televised event of the year for Northland Rugby. The truck and trailer were clearly seen behind one of the goal lines with our curtains looking sharp.