Construction Tarpaulins

Tarpaulin Makers Construction Tarps are manufactured to the highest standard and designed specifically for New Zealand conditions. We offer 2 grades of tarpaulin to suit your needs. We have standard stock sizes or we can custom make tarps to suit your requirements.

Stock Sizes

Premium PE Lightweight Construction Tarp

Grey Tarp
7m x 7m $772
10m x 7m $1103
12m x 7m $1323

Premium PVC Heavy Duty Construction Tarp

Construction Tarp PVC
6m x 6m $729
8m x 6m $972
10m x 6m $1215

Hire Tarps

Hire Tarps are 10m x 6m and 8m x 6m. Other sizes my be available upon request.

Daily Rate $44
3+ Day Rate $22

Tarpaulin Specifications

All our tarps are manufactured using the latest technology in both high frequency and hot air welding. Removing the need to stitch, eliminates thread deterioration and extends the lifespan of the tarp, resulting in a far superior product.

Material Type PE Ripstop PVC
Material Weight 285gsm 700gsm
Reinforced around the perimeter with
heavy duty 2500kg webbing
Yes Yes
UV Warranty on material 3 Years 4 Years
Fire retardant (AS1530.2) and Self extinguishing No Yes
12mm Stainless Steel Eyelets – Spacing around the perimeter 1m 1m
2m rope supplied per eyelet Yes Yes
Colours White, Blue, Green, Olive White, Blue, Green, Red, Black,
Grey, Yellow, Orange
Tarp (2)
Tarp (5)
Tarp (3)
Tarp (6)
Tarp (4)
Tarp (7) copy
Tarp (1)c

Care & Maintenance Tips

Using – When using the Construction tarps make sure they are well secured to ensure that no rain or wind can penetrate underneath them. All our Construction tarps have eyelets and ropes provided to help secure tarps in place.

Removing – It is important to remove the tarps carefully by hand, making sure they do not rip on the timber frames, roofing iron etc.

Storing – Construction Tarps should be regularly maintained, stored away dry and rolled up tightly.