Frequently Asked Questions

I am in the South Island, can you still manufacture and deliver products for me?

Absolutely, we regularly send products nationwide. If you live rurally we suggest you send the goods to a freight depot to reduce the cost and then you can collect direct from there. All freight prices will be quoted so you know what costs are involved.

Should I buy PVC or Polyethylene (PE) covers, what is the difference?

We offer 2 options for Concrete Curing Blankets, Fumigation Covers and Construction Tarps. The main difference is the durability of the material. The PVC is a heavy duty 700gsm weight so will withstand tougher conditions.. PVC can handle continued movement, dragging across rough ground, being walked on, or having equipment placed on it However the Polyethylene is more cost effective and lighter so is more suitable for larger covers so that they are easier to move around. Each project is different and we have a wealth of experience so we can help advise you on the best material for you.

What’s the best way to look after my concrete curing Blankets?

Removing - It is important that you roll them off the concrete as opposed to dragging them off, to stop any exposed rods from tearing through the blanket.

Storing - Make sure that it is rolled up as tight as you can get it and that it is not flapping in the wind.

Cleaning - Is not essential between use if removed and stored correctly

What products can you repair?

Almost anything made of PVC or Canvas can be repaired from Tarps to Curtainsides. However all jobs will have a free assessment to see if the item can be repaired or if it should be replaced. We even have a mobile repairs service so we can come to you and repair on site, saving you time and money.

I have a problem that I would like a solution for. Can you help design a new product specifically for me. How would the process work?

Custom goods is what we do best. Our experienced team will work with you to look at the required outcome and design a solution to meet your needs. We can source specialist material if required and will refine designs until we get the solution just right.

How do your Tarps differ from the cheaper ones I can buy online?

There are many lightweight tarps available at low prices. However our tarps are a heavy duty 700gsm weight and designed for New Zealand conditions. They have a 4 year UV warranty unlike most online tarps which are often only 1year. All our tarps are manufactured here in New Zealand using the latest technology in both high frequency and hot air welding. Removing the need to stitch, eliminates thread deterioration and extends the lifespan of the tarp, resulting in a far superior product.

How long will your Construction Tarps Last?

If you look after them they will last at least 10 years. We guarantee all our workmanship and they have a 4 year UV warranty.

Follow these tips for maintaining them

Using: When using the Construction tarps make sure they are well secured to ensure that no rain or wind can penetrate underneath them. All our Construction tarps have eyelets and ropes provided to help secure tarps in place.

Removing: It is important to remove the tarps carefully by hand, making sure they do not rip on the timber frames, roofing iron etc.

Storing: Construction Tarps should be regularly maintained, stored away dry and rolled up tightly.

What’s the best product to clean my curtainsides with?

Truck curtainsiders should be cleaned using hot soapy water preferably with a hose and soft brush. The use of a high pressure water is NOT recommended as this can affect the lacquer coating on the PVC exposing the pores to the elements. This is especially important if you have invested in having your curtain sign written and clear coated. We offer our own specially formulated Curtain wash for the best results to keep your truck looking at it’s best.

My Curtainsides are damaged, can you repair them and re certify them?

We are a fully certified manufacturer and therefore we can repair and re certify curtains. All new curtains that we manufacture come with a 5 year certification. And repaired curtains have a 1 year certification and will need to be recertified each year. With our Mobile van we can do this on site and we keep records of all your vehicle expiry dates so we can remind you when this is due and work around you to book in a suitable time to get you certified.

What’s the best way to make my Elliptical Covers have a long lifespan?

Ensure that when covers are in the open position that they are rolled away tightly. They can remain like this but it is our recommendation that covers should be closed regardless of the unit being empty or fully loaded and only opened to load/unload. Tests have shown that it is more fuel efficient to travel with the covers in this position and it will help maintain the life of the covers as they will be well secured in the closed position preventing any unnecessary damage.

Heavy rain is due tonight so I need tarps today, can you help me?

100% we can! We have heavy duty tarps to hire or purchase. You can collect from our depot at 9 Portside Drive, Mt Maunganui or we can freight tarps nationwide. In some cases builders need a long term hire as purchasing is not practical. We can help here too and do long term hire rates.

Can I buy individual items from you or do you just sell completed products?

We stock a large range of supplies and are happy to sell individual items or can facilitate larger bulk orders. We sell PVC, Maxlite or curtainside by the metre/roll and have a variety of transport hardware and general items like ropes and Velcro. Check out our parts page for our most popular items or give us call and we can see if we can help.

New Council regulations mean garage door openings need to be sealed. Do you have a solution?

Yes we do! We have designed the perfect solution – a reusable heavy duty PVC cover to fit either double or single garage openings. It is environmentally friendly as it can be reused and is available in a range of colours. We can also print your company logo on the cover turning it into a great advertising tool too. If you have any other issues that need a solution, let us know and we will see what we can come up with.