Carr & Haslam -Nationwide roll out of curtains

When our long-standing customer, Carr & Haslam approached us to manufacture multiple sets of curtains for a nationwide roll out for one of their biggest customers, we obviously relished the opportunity to work in closely with them to make it happen.

The roll out occurred over a four week period from Northland right the way down to the bottom of the South Island. We were tasked with manufacturing 13 digital printed sets of curtains and organising the logistics of getting them fitted throughout the country. We were delighted for the chance to work through the logistics with our scheduling system and called into action our networks across the country.
The completed job is now flowing around New Zealand, with the new livery for Vector OnGas looking stunning with their logo off set against a crisp white backdrop.

To complete the job Carr & Haslem asked us to find somewhere to reuse their old curtains which have now be put to good use covering multiple stacks of timber. Another win for the environment and all involved.