Concrete Curing Blankets

Concrete Curing Blankets are specifically used in the process of drying concrete in colder climates although they can also be used to protect against wet weather. We custom make all our products so we can manufacture any size to suit your requirements. We can make sizes to fit concrete moulds exactly or if dealing with a large area we would recommend making the blankets in several pieces which can be fastened together so that the blankets are manageable and user friendly. We allow an extra 500mm larger than the size of the concrete bed to ensure no heat loss to create maximum efficiency. We can provide optional eyelets (rings) and ropes so that the blankets can be secured in place if required.


Our Concrete Curing Blankets have a triple layered construction, with 2 sheets of PVC or Polypropylene with a thermal insulation layer sandwiched between them. The covers are watertight with the thermal insulation layer sealed within the two skins. All Blankets are reusable and will last 10yrs plus if well maintained. We offer 2 options for the skins of the blankets so that you can tailor the product to your specific requirements. A large colour range is available for both products.

  • Polypropylene
  • Lightweight
  • 285 GSM - Supplier Gale Pacific (NZ) Ltd
  • 3yr UV Warranty
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Cost effective
  • PVC
  • Heavy Duty
  • 680 GSM Ripstock – Supplier Reid & Twiname
  • 3yr UV Warranty
  • Extremely hardwearing
PVC or Polypropylene?

If you are using the blanket for standard use the Polypropylene will be more than adequate and be cheaper. However if you want the blanket to withstand, continued movement, dragging across rough ground, walked on, has equipment placed on it, then the PVC is the one for you.

Care & Maintenance

  • When you have finished using your Curing blanket it is important that you roll them off the concrete as opposed to dragging them off, to stop any exposed rods from tearing through the blanket.
  • When storing your blanket make sure that it is rolled up as tight as you can get it and that it is not flapping in the wind.
  • Cleaning is not essential between use if removed and stored correctly.

Background Information

Concrete Curing Blankets are specifically used in the process of drying concrete in colder climates although they can also be used to protect against wet weather and against drying unevenly in warmer climates. The use of a thermal blanket helps to create an ambient air temperate allowing the concrete to set evenly throughout. Typically when concrete is drying the outside will set quicker than the middle as the air temperature is colder. Then when the middle eventually sets it can cause cracking on the outside. Using a Curing Blanket will prevent this process from happening and ensure an even cure of the concrete. Thermal blankets allow all year round concrete pouring.

The Curing blankets can be used directly onto the concrete or used in conjunction with framework and additional heat can be pumped in if the temperatures are still too low to set the concrete properly. Some Curing beds have under floor heating so this can be a good option to be able to heat from both the top and the bottom.