Stockpiles Everywhere

Concerned about inconsistent supply, many businesses are now stockpiling.  The next problem is how to keep this stock protected from the weather.  We have had lots of enquiries for covers for everything from premanufactured framing to underground pipework.

With lockdowns unfortunately kicking back in, the need to do this isn’t going to change anytime soon.  If you need to cover stock here are a few suggestions on what to ask for:

  • Go bigger on the size to give yourself flexibility for stock levels.  The extra material cost makes little difference.
  • Ask for eyelets and ropes so you can easily stake the tarp down.  If you are storing on concrete, order some sandbags.
  • Order lightweight (Maxlite) material – it will be easier to take on and off and it will cost you less.
  • Specific custom designs are possible but check if this causes delays for delivery.
  • Make sure you specify how quickly you need the cover – backlogs on production are a problem in lots of industries.

Wherever you get your covers from we hope this helps.