Hutec Engineering Ltd.: Acid proof catchments

When Jason Hughes, Shareholder/Director of Hutec Engineering, asked us to custom design catchment funnels and catchment basins that could withstand exposure to sulphruric acid we were intrigued. Hutec was helping a Fertiliser company with a major project, but they needed solutions to catch acid preventing acid exposure to people and surfaces that could be damaged.

Tarpaulin Makers – Matt Hall, who is the brains behind many of our custom solutions ensured designs were discussed & timing agreed. Then it was a case of testing and refining.  Material was submerged and drip tested with acid for a month, with excellent results.

The project threw up plenty of challenges.  But the great communication between Hutec & ourselves made for terrific work and trials that give good potential moving forward for larger shuts.  We’re looking forward to helping with future projects.