Form Four

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon when Beni received a call from Bruce, the owner of FormFour, in need of some Concrete Curing Blankets. FormFour are specialists in concrete construction operating out of Christchurch and like most people in our industry, were working on a tight time frame.

By the close of business on Monday we managed to secure a deal together to manufacture 100m of concrete curing blankets. The job was to cover concrete precast beds that were manufacturing large concrete slabs. With the tight time frames, we set to task to manufacture these blankets but to make them more manageable for his team we decided to manufacture 8 panels, 13m long, rather than one 100m long panel.

Bruce and his team were very pleased with the result as they knew they would be saving time during the curing process and getting a nice crack free even set of the concrete mould.