Clever Core

Clever Core is New Zealand’s largest purpose-designed, offsite home manufacturing facility which opened in October. The high-tech facility will accelerate the manufacture of quality homes at scale by producing the core structural components of a home in a factory environment, in as little as a day. Clever Core manufacture wall, floor and roof components, which contain insulation, double-glazed windows and allowances for wiring and plumbing, which are then transferred to build sites.

However, this system can only work if they can get those prefabricated components to site without any weather damage. This is where we come in. We were asked to design a customised cover solution for the prefabricated wall frames which had to be 100% watertight. The sheer size of these specialised shaped covers meant they could not be handled manually and had to have the ability to be fitted via a gantry system and removed by a crane once on site.

The size of the largest walls being around 12m in length x 2.7m in height the finished product was a sight to behold. As always, the team enjoyed the challenge of this custom job and being part of the design process. It was also very satisfying seeing our product in action.