Brian Perry Civil (FCC Infrastructure)
Auckland Airport Runway

It was a tough first week in level 4 lockdown during Covid-19, as it was for the rest of the country. However, whilst working from home and dealing with internal business issues, we also had some great opportunities arise with some interesting business calls. This one in particular being Brian Perry Civil NZ who got in touch with us on the 30th March, who said they were potentially getting contracted to re-concrete some of the Auckland Airport Runway, they were interested to know how fast we could turn this job around if they got the go ahead. For us having only been in Level 4 lockdown for 5 days, this was an exciting prospect for myself and our business.

Fast forward to the 27th of May and we had secured the contract with Brian Perry Civil and we were given 8 days to manufacture 2100 square metres of thermal blanket which Tarpaulin Makers custom design and fabricate to suit our client’s needs. Being one of the biggest thermal blankets we have manufactured we were up for the challenge and took to the project with open arms.

The thermal blankets were completed on time and delivered to Auckland Airport with support from STL Linehaul, ready for the 1st day of pouring concrete in mid-June. The project has had a lot of high-profile attention on nation news programmes and newspapers.

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Keep a look out for more of our custom made Tarpaulin Makers thermal blankets around New Zealand. The awareness of our product and the need to cure concrete more evenly to prevent thermal cracking and time efficiency, will increase as legislation tightens up and expectations rise for a high-quality finish.