About Ark Flood Barriers

ARK Flood Barriers have been designed to assist with protection of infrastructure and (non-residential) buildings during extreme weather/flood events. We also see applications for them across commercial facilities and construction and infrastructure projects.

An affordable, simple and sustainable alternative to sandbags, they are based on established international examples but have been adapted by Tarpaulin Makers for New Zealand conditions.

Fully manufactured in New Zealand and using locally compatible fittings, the large PVC tubes can be filled with water, making them strong and heavy enough to mold to the ground and divert water flow. The tubes can be deployed in minutes and are reusable.

Key Benefits

  • Affordable: cheaper than sandbags, with a much lower labour requirement
  • Simple: can be quickly and easily deployed
  • Sustainable: single-use sandbags are often contaminated. ARK Flood Barriers can be re-used.

Selected sites can be quickly encircled, ensuring safe gathering places or protection of key locations, such as:



Rail; Roads; Bridges; Airports; Ports

New Zealand, Rotorua-: Whakarewarewa is a geothermal field and at the same time a Maori municipality in the urban area of Rotorua in New Zealand. A marae, is a communal or sacred place that serves religious and social purposes in Polynesian societies.


Maraes; Community Halls; Schools; Sports Facilities; Golf Courses



Malls; Businesses; Factories; Workshops



Homes; Garages; Baches



Farm Equipment; Stock; Feed

Hospital building, medical icon. Healthcare, hospital and medical diagnostics. Urgency and emergency services. Road, sky, sun, tree. Car and helicopter. Vector illustration in flat style

Key Infrastructure

Hospitals; TelCos; Power Stations

Our size means New Zealand will always have limited funds and
manpower to deal with disasters such as flooding.

We need to find affordable, easy-to-use tools
to lessen the impact on people and property.