Truck Tarps

We pride ourselves in giving personal service to all our trucking operators ensuring all their needs are met as we know not one truck or trailer is the same and that all truck tarps require reinforcing and luggs in different places to get the load looking good. We manufacture every tarp to suit individual needs, deck length and loads being carried.

Our Truck Tarp Range

Many of the Truck tarps we manufacture have several rows of Ring Luggs or Reefers. These multiple rows of Luggs allow for various size loads to be covered and secured easier. Tall loads will secure the cover using the bottom row of Luggs and short loads can use the higher rows ensuring that the cover is always secured in place regardless of the load size.

We can supply replacement ropes,onsite or mobile repairs and we also offer a Canvas waterproofing Service if required. 

  • Specifications
  • PVC - Heavy duty 680gsm Ripstop PVC with a three year UV warranty
  • Canvas – Superstop Ripstop Canvas 12oz with a three year UV warranty
  • High frequency welded and sewn reinforcements around the perimeter at 1m centres.
  • Range of colours available
  • All edges of Truck Tarp perimeter are heavily reinforced and have 12mm nickel plated eyelets in each reinforcement with 2m long 8mm Ropes.
Top Tips

Thanks to ACC and Road Transport Forum NZ they have put together these very informative guides to Tarping and using a Forklift. Safety is paramount here at Tarpaulin Makers so we think guides like this are great, it's so important to understand the dangers that surround us.

Road Transport Forum NZ - Tarping and securing bulk freight loads - click here

Road Transport Forum NZ - Safety using forklifts - click here


Alternatives to using a flatbed truck with Tarps is to use a Curtainsider to protect the loads you are carrying however loading onto a flatbed is far easier and the product is still protected from the elements and gives access where Curtainsiders don't.

Care & Maintenance Advice

• Review & Repair
Check the Tarps for rips regularly and get repaired when needed. This will help keep repair bills down and prolong the life of the Tarp.

• Store
Store them away dry if possible and make sure they are rolled up tightly. If tarp boxes are available on the unit always use them.

Background Information

Truck Tarps are typically made from PVC or a combination of PVC and Canvas and they are used for covering flatdeck truck and trailer loads. The Truck Tarps are specifically designed to protect the goods from the elements, there is no structural component to the tarps and as such the goods need to be secured before the Tarps are put in place.