Tipping Truck & Trailer Covers

We manufacture a wide range of Tipping Truck & Trailer covers to satisfy all your truck and trailer requirements, never step up onto the top of your truck deck again with our latest range of cover solutions including:

  • Tipping Truck & Trailer Covers
  • Elliptical Tipping Truck & Trailer Covers
  • Electrical Concertina Tipping Truck & Trailer Covers

We offer a complete service from manufacture to fitting. We work with a large variety of customers with whom we have built a very strong and solid rapport. With our mobile unit we can do repairs on site and we also have full capacity to manufacture covers and fit on site utilizing contractors, if we can't do the fitting ourselves. Please contact us to find out how we can help you tarp quicker, more efficiently and most of all assuring all health and safety standards are met at all times.

Our Range of Tipping Truck & Trailer Covers

Tipping Truck & Trailer Covers

Standard rollover covers with a 25mm aluminum pole rolling over from driver's side to the passenger's side (Roll Side Cover) or from back to front (Roll Forward Cover) of the unit with stretch cord to the fixed anchor points of the truck/trailer. These covers require the user to get up onto the truck/ trailer deck.

Elliptical Tipping Truck & Trailer Covers

These are essentially the same as above but using a universal joint knuckle and long handle giving the ability to roll the cover up from the ground. These new systems also have no stretch cord making the loading / unloading time much more economical. This means that the operator does not need to get on top of the truck unit to open the cover. Elliptical Tipping Truck & Trailer Covers open from the driver's side to the passenger's side and uses a rolling technique to open the cover. 

Electrical Concertina Tipping Truck & Trailer Covers

These covers are mounted in a frame with a wire that runs through the side of the cover to a winding handle or electrical motor. This also means that the operator does not need to get on top of the truck unit to open the cover. Electrical Concertina Tipping Truck & Trailer Covers covers open from the rear of bin to front either on a cable driven system as per photos or on a pulley which is fully electric with a push button in the cab as per Wilson Sands covers. It uses a concertina technique to open the cover. This is the more expensive option as it involves some engineering work but it is very user friendly and eliminates any need to climb on the unit at all.

Hardware & Accessories

We can supply a full range of Bulk Bin Hardware & Accessories including; Elliptical Poles, rollover poles, Aluminum boxed sections, universal joint, universal handle, universal handle and wires.

  • Specifications
  • Ripstop PVC 680gsm with 3 years UV warranty
  • Durable
  • Deck edges are always reinforced
  • Large colour range

Past Projects / Pictures


Examples of our Bulk Bin Covers in Action.

Mills Tui Electric Concertina Cover for Wilson Sands – Trailer, being operated manually

Mills Tui Electrical Concertina Cover for Wilson Sands in action

Health & Safety

Due to new Health & Safety regulations and site policies it is becoming very hard to access the top of the load without a harness. So our cover options that allow the user to remain on the ground whilst operating the cover are becoming more popular and will eventually become essential. The Elliptical and Concertina covers mean the user does NOT go on top of the unit remaining safely on the ground leaving less room for accidents and keeping in line with new regulations.

Care & Maintenance

Ensure that when covers are in the open position that they are rolled away tightly. They can remain like this but it is our recommendation that covers should be closed regardless of the unit being empty or fully loaded and only opened to load/unload, as test have shown that it is more fuel efficient to travel with the covers in this position and it will help maintain the life of the covers as they will be well secured in the closed position preventing any unnecessary damage.

Background Information

Tipping Truck & Trailer covers are used to cover the top opening on solid body truck and trailer units used for transporting bulk goods. The Truck canvas covers are required to protect the goods from the weather and to stop any cargo from flying away. They need to be easily retractable for quick loading/unloading. When the cover is not in use it can be stored neatly to either the side or the front of the bin.