We manufacture everything here in New Zealand and our experienced fabricators are happy to help design and create a finished product that will meet your individual requirements. The attention to detail in each job is what sets us apart from anyone else and we will take the time to understand your end goal so we can assist in manufacturing a product that is tailor made to your circumstances.

Our Range of Farming Products

There are many items that we have been asked to design for the farming industry. Many are customized specifically to the client's needs but there are a few core products that we manufacture regularly.

  • Palm Kernel (PK)/ Fertilizer Bin Covers
  • Elliptical Palm Kernel Bin covers
  • Hay Stack Covers
  • General Tarps

We can manufacture any of the above products in any size and eyelets and ropes can be added where required. Depending on the size and the application of the product that you require we generally use Ripstop PVC 680gsm or Polyethylene 285gsm. They are both strong, durable and waterproof andboth products have a large colour range to choose from.

Background Information

Palm Kernel (PK)/ Fertilizer Bin Covers:

Typically these are a concrete or wooden (3) sided bin used to store Palm kernel or fertilizer. We manufacture covers to seal these bins to protect the product. The covers can be used to cover the top only or the top and sides. Eyelets can be added with ropes if the cover needs to be tied down and then they can be rolled up from 'front to back' or 'side to side'.

Elliptical Palm Kernel Bin covers:

These are used for the same purpose as above however the covers are attached to a big frame on a track which allows the cover to concertina to the back allowing access to the product in the bin when needed. This uses a cable driven system that can be operated manually or can be motor driven depending on your requirements.

This Steelcon Construction PK Bin Cover is a great example of one onsite.

Hay Stack Covers:

Our Hay Stack covers are designed for storing Hay, specifically to provide protection from the elements to ensure that the Hay doesn't get wet. They can also be used to cover the Hay whilst moving it around on the farm when on the truck/tractor.

General Tarps:

General tarps are used all over the farm as they have a multitude of uses including covering machinery or crops etc. They can provide protection form the wind and rain and can be reused and moved around the farm depending on the highest priority.

Care & Maintenance:

To ensure that the covers/tarps have a long lifespan make sure that when they are in use they are secure and that no loose edges are flapping around as this is what causes the most damage. If you have tarps that you are not using be sure to roll them up as tight as you can and again secure the edges so that the edges do not get damaged from the wind. It's a good idea to clean down the tarps before storing them for any length of time.