Tarpaulin Makers are specialist fabricators of Curtainsiders. Our team uses the latest in cutting edge technology to give a finished product and service we believe to be second to none. We stand by our products and guarantee the highest quality and craftsmanship. We know the little things can make all the difference. For example we only use hot air welding instead of high frequency welding on our straps to create a seamless finish with no join marks making for a more aesthetically pleasing curtain.

Our personal service with all of our customers is what sets us apart. We cater for 1-50 units no job too big or small. 

  • Specifications
  • Heavy duty 900gsm European curtainside fabric with a large range of colours to match your fleet. Supplier - and
  • 3 year UV warranty on the curtainside fabric
  • Sealed Bearing, maintenance free curtain rollers, no lube on track required
  • Quality heavy duty stainless steel buckles
  • Heavy duty tried and tested curtainsider tensioners that have a handle that tucks in and will not catch.
  • Aluminium luffgroove curtainside poles and cast alloy base plug
  • Webbing supplier - &
  • Our own curtainsider track to be used in conjunction with Tarpaulin Makers pelmet 
  • Load rated, certified curtains meeting and exceeding NZ standard with a 5 year certification
  • Mobile fitting done on site nationwide by our experienced team or by one of our trusted contractors in certain locations
  • 24 hour transport repair service either at our large workshop or onsite utilising our mobile repair unit

Our Range of Curtainsiders

Tarpaulin Makers are a certified manufacturer of Curtainsiders which means that all our curtains are rated to 3,100kg per metre or 1,860kg per strap.

We manufacture several different types of Curtainsiders so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


We also stock a large range of Curtainsider hardware that we can sell direct to you and fit if required. Tarpaulin Makers offer a complete design, Sign Writing, Clear Coating and Digital Printing options for your curtains here for further information.


A single skinned standard curtain used for carting general freight, timber, dry goods.

Double Skinned

A second skin is applied to the inside of the curtain which acts as a protective layer. This is more suitable for heavy duty loads or products with sharp edges. Will help keep product cooler than standard Dryfreight Curtainsiders.


A double skinned curtain with an additional insulated layer in between the two skins. Used for keeping goods chilled like mussels or Fonterra's Dairy products

Super Insulated

Much the same as the insulated curtains but with a heavy duty layer of insulation to keep products even cooler.


A double skinned curtain with straps placed on the outside and spaced much closer together. These are designed to transport loose product i.e. chip or waste products.The straps are closer together to eliminate bulging and retain the structural integrity of the curtain. ADVANTAGE: These curtains are specifically good if your unit is used for multi purposes. Traditionally loose product would be loaded into solid body truck but using Chip liner Curtainsides means the unit can then be used for other cargo.

Top Tips

Correct Procedure for Opening & Closing Curtainsiders – ACC& Road Transport Forum NZ.... click here

  • Safety Issues
  • Consequences of Injury
  • Examples
  • Opening & Closing Curtainsides
  • Securing the Curtain
  • Windy Conditions

There are also some more general Health & Safety tips on the Road Transport Forum NZ- refer

Care & Maintenance:

Cleaning – Curtainsiders should be cleaned using hot soapy water preferably with a hose and soft brush. The use of a high pressure water hose is NOT recommended as this can affect the lacquer coating on the PVC exposing the pores to the elements. This is especially important if you have invested in having your curtains sign written or clear coated. 

Background Information

Curtainsiders are a load restraint structural sliding PVC Curtain used on trucks and trailers. Tarpaulin Makers Curtainsiders are constructed from 900gsm PVC with structural straps vertically hot air welded into place along the length of the curtain, spaced to suit your specific unit. Welded at the top of each strap are rollers which fit into a track at the top of the truck to allow the curtains to be pulled open,which concertina the curtain together. At the bottom of the strap a stainless steel buckle is riveted on and these are used to vertically tension the curtains when they are closed. Luff groove poles are added to the end of each curtain to allow lateral tensioning once they have been attached to the truck and trailer tensioners.

Curtainsides are used on truck and trailers as an alternative to solid body trucks or tarping. They are waterproof and will keep goods dry and even cold if using Super Insulated Curtains. Curtainsides provide quick access loading and the ability to load/ unload from more than one side like a flatbed truck. So multiple forklifts can access the goods meaning a quick turnaround time so you can be back on the road in minutes. Partial loading/ unloading is also made easier with Curtainsides as any part of the unit can be accessed independently, making them ideal for mixed loads or multiple drop offs. Curtainsides also provide the ability to load the full length of the deck, so large or unusual sized cargo can be loaded with ease.