Curtainsider Printing And Signwriting

Curtainsider Sign Writing & Clear Coating Service

Tarpaulin Makers offer a complete design, Sign Writing, Clear Coating and Digital Printing options for your curtains. Sign written Curtainsiders are very cost effective and one of the most high-impact forms of outdoor advertising. It is essentially a mobile billboard that will turn heads and will get your brand noticed.

Sign writing & Digital Printing

Sign Written curtains are sprayed with the image using a mask where as Digitally printed curtains go through a large digital printer and the image is produced directly onto the curtains.

Clear Coating

Clear coating is when the curtains have a clear lacquer coating applied, we use 2 types either Hypershield or PPG. Clear coating is essential on all Sign Written and digitally printed curtains but can also be used on plain curtains as this process give the curtains exceptional toughness and resilience to UV deterioration. They also protect the curtains from tagging as you can wipe off any tagging from clear coated curtains.

We work with some amazing signage and digital printing tradesmen who are continually producing designs so you will get the biggest, baddest, brightest, branding on the road. We will organise the files personally to ensure the job goes smoothly and is 100% from start to finish.

We will work with you to design any custom logo to suit your needs just like we have done here for ourselves.